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1987, Malagon, Ciudad Real. From early childhood he already showed attitudes and aptitudes for artistic creation, which were strengthened over the years and the first drawing prizes at school. Drawing and painting were always present in my life.

         Acabé mis estudios universitarios y aunque I was trained as a Nurse, a profession that I have currently carried out since 2008, although I have never abandoned my artistic side, what's more, the need to create and investigate in the plastic arts was increasing.

        Durante el año 2012 me encontraba en una época de experimentación con todas las drawing techniques: chalk, charcoal, ink, sanguine... and it was at that moment that I decided to buy a small box of watercolors. That moment was key, it was from there that a great revolution began and where I fully entered the world of watercolor, art and painting.


From there began a stage of a lot of work, study and experimentation, the first contests, prizes and natural painting competitions. There was a lot of work and a lot of passion, so good results soon began to arrive and also its rewards in the form of prizes and recognition. I have been self-taught in my training


From 2012 until now I have been lucky to accumulate more than 120 prizes in national Painting contests and life painting contests and more than a dozen international prizes. Among many of them, first prizes in the modalities of Painting, Watercolor and Drawing, as well as first prizes for watercolor at an international level. I also work for several Art Galleries and have had several individual and group exhibitions.

In 2017 I had won the First Prize of the I Villa de Rascaría Intentional Watercolor Contest, whose prize consisted of a Cultural immersion trip through China, where I had the opportunity to visit Faculties and Fine Arts centers, museums , exhibitions, and work and learn from artists of Chinese painting and calligraphy. It was a very inspiring and very influential trip for my painting, not only from a technical and aesthetic point of view, but also from other planes and concepts.

En 2017 me inicié a work as a teacher in watercolor: Workshops, workshops, masterclasses and regular watercolor classes, face-to-face in Madrid, Segovia, Seville or Ciudad Real. With the arrival of the pandemic, I also began to teach classes online, for students from anywhere in the world. 


Currently, as a member of IWS Spain, I actively participate in international Watercolor events, where I have received more than a dozen awards. My works have been alongside those of the great international artists  in Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Mexico, India, Pakistan, China or Fabriano.

As a plastic artist, I know and practice all the techniques of practical expression, as well as the rest of the pictorial techniques, but watercolor is the technique that best suits my way of feeling and creating, with which I have the most a greater link when it comes to representing and feeling in the creative process.


For me, watercolor is a wonderful technique, fast, spontaneous, sublime and with its own character and soul. In addition, it is addictive,   all of us who have immersed ourselves in this beautiful technique have been hooked and amazed by it forever.


It fascinates me how the conjunction of paper, water and pigments can create such beautiful stains. The artist's hand, with his brushes, and depending on how he combines the above elements, can generate a great diversity of effects, chromaticism, subtleties or textures.

In addition, the final finish in watercolor not only depends on the hand of the artist, as I have said before, watercolor has its own soul, stains and unique accidents are often generated by the humidity of the paper or the environment, the inclination of the paper or the type of pigment... For me it is very important to maintain a constant dialogue with the watercolor during the pictorial process, we must adapt to its language and take advantage of and include the "accidents" on the paper in the final result of the work.

I love the variety of stains, textures and effects that can be generated with watercolor, and I don't limit myself to just one way of painting, there are artists who only paint dry and others who only paint wet. I like to use all the different effects in my paintings, and thus have a wide language and represent each object with a different finish. I also like to enrich my works using all possible resources: scrapings, glazes, different textures, grains, watercolor impastos, splashes... I try to include as many of these resources in each of my paintings. Watercolor has its own unique qualities, such as speed, transparency, spontaneity... so I like to enhance them and get the most out of them, I like to honor all the qualities of this beautiful technique.


Para mí la pintura no es just a simple representation of a photograph or a location. I paint to express emotions or sensations, and I also seek to generate this type of feeling in the eye of the observer. I almost always try to make changes, introduce or remove elements in what I represent, I like that each of my works has an imprint, that it has something of me. Among the themes that most attract my attention are mainly natural landscapes, large spaces, skies, and atmospheres of light and color, as well as dramatic scenes of solitude and abandonment, as well as everything related to the passage of time and the ephemeral. of things and humanity.

In general, my painting is figurative, I try to represent reality, although always from a more impressionistic perspective, abstracting on many occasions. I like to look for a synthesis in most of the elements and that the objects remain unfinished, I think it is very beautiful that the eye and the mind of the observer finish the work based on their memories or experiences. Although on other occasions I like to focus on a small element and pay attention to all the details, thus giving it greater prominence and focusing on the point of interest.


In conclusion, for me, the fundamental pillars on which I focus my attention when creating, and which  I try to transmit when teaching are: special attention to composition, taking care of the intention of the work, chromatic harmony, synthesis of the elements, use of various technical effects and watercolor resources, leaving my own mark as an artist in each work and trying to put passion and feeling in each and every one of the works with the intention of evoking sensations to the spectator.

Personally, for me art, painting, watercolor... are something far beyond a hobby, a profession or a way of life, they are a vital necessity, my passion, my driving force. Something I need to do, which often serves as a therapy, an escape... for this reason, I cannot imagine a future without being linked to creation and without being surrounded by tubes, brushes and papers.

Juan Saturio   |  Plastic artist, 2022



I did not know who would have painted that watercolor that I stumbled upon and that hooked me from the first moment. I dug around and came across one of the brightest and most mature versions I had ever seen of how to paint forests and trees full of light and mystery, but based on precise brush drawing. I still didn't know Juan Saturio but I immediately invited him to give a Master Class that was a complete success. At that time he was one of the best painters of forests and trees, now he is one of the best painters of any subject.

Juan is, in my opinion, the most surprising young watercolorist on the current scene.

Enrique Alda   |  Alda con Limón  Gallery and Art Academy.  Creative Director of Advertising.  Artist.


Juan Saturio and Watercolor are the perfect marriage, both expose a vital characteristic, they are transparent. 

Juan paints so from the gut that you can see his heart in every gesture of his brush.

No one will be able to question his impeccable technical skill, now I invite you to immerse yourself in his work, look at it, smell it and feel Juan's heart rate.


It excites.

Daniel Pito Campos |  Artist and Illustrator - Argentina


What impresses me most about Juan Saturio is his great ability to synthesize, summarize  and show the importance of the subject without forgetting everything that creates sensations and emotions. He is able to tell a lot with few strokes.

In addition, he always introduces a lot of poetry and atmosphere in his works, which undoubtedly make them different. Being watercolor a complicated technique that requires spontaneity, eloquence and great sensitivity, he dominates it taking it to unseen limits. Undoubtedly one of the great watercolorists on the international scene. With a large number of awards behind him, which only corroborate my opinion. We are without a doubt one of the most promising emerging painters.

Juan Francisco Gómez  |  Artist. The Traveling Gallery.


When I met Juan a few years ago, he was just starting out and looking for his path. From that first meeting it was already guessed in his works that he had a special sensitivity and a natural talent.

Its evolution was very rapid from the beginning, although not without dedication and work, and its fruit was immediate, obtaining awards and mentions both nationally and internationally.

Under  From my point of view, the best recognition he has achieved is that of the public, who acquires and admires his watercolors, since his works have their own stamp and a totally personal approach.

Juan's work figuratively describes the most everyday of our closest landscape, the skies and those walls worn by the passage of time, or the forgotten and rusty elements from a very modern vision, different  and personal.  I am sincerely convinced that the best of Juan Saturio is yet to come, his youth and talent promise him a good future.

Felix de la Fuente   |   Art Gallery ArteCasa


In his watercolors there are two fundamental principles, cleanliness of color, which carries with it the light, and the brushstroke.

That translucency of the tonal mass and the cleanliness in the treatment of the line are simply brilliant.

Such arid themes that he raises, between the rustic architecture and the backwardness of the electrical in its shabby side, are not elements to give brilliance to the technique, they are a problem, which he converts into plastic brilliance. The moderation before the folkloric, that is to say, the sobriety of respect before the subject, is only within the reach of very few.

Drawing and composition complete an aesthetic picture that runs through his well-known work.

I thank you for making me enjoy what was well done.

I think it offers watercolor the plastic value it deserves.

Being the watercolor the most difficult technique, when it is not disguised as a note.

Pedro Cabarcos   |   Artist. Drawing teacher. Graduated in art history.


Juan Saturio, the road hunter

Juan Saturio, an artist who is always looking for new corners to paint, new techniques to take advantage of and new environments to capture. It is with watercolor that our artist can describe the a priori emotion that he gathers from the moment and the place where he is, which is why it is undoubtedly his best travel companion. Our painter's gaze stops curiously to capture the moment in his work, this is how he conveys an impression to us in the form of a sublime landscape and makes Juan's work have an intimate accent; a very personal choice in each of his paintings.  

The passion for traveling is generated by the passion for painting, which is why we will say that Juan is an artist who “makes his way by painting”. The expertise of this watercolorist will continue to seek new paths that lead to new emotions to paint.

Gillermo Gomez   |   Graduated in art history. Cultural blogger ElMonoliso.

The painter has the universe in his mind and on his hands.

Leonardo da Vinci

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